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Woodcutting Tutorial – RM2K3

Woodcutting DemoThe link to the demois no longer available here. This is how to create a basic woodcutting process in RM2K3, similar to that used in Runescape, but without the experience points gained. Using the “defaults” from a new Project, first create two common items: Handaxe and Logs. Also, create a variable to store the number of logs chopped. In this example, 0001:Wood. Next, create a map and place a few events on it, setting the event graphics to trees. Make sure you name each one differently, as each one also has a matching switch. For this tutorial, I created 4 “tree events”, named Tree1, Tree2, Tree3 and Tree4. Create…

Poll Results – December 1-13

The results of December’s first poll are in! Voters opted for more RMXP stuff (windowskins, scripts and charsets). So, it looks like my copy of RMXP will need to come out of hibernation. At the moment, my preference is RMVX as the RPG Maker of choice for my project, The Gladiator Project. The reason for that is because RGSS2 is much more versatile, with several additional features not available in RGSS, that suit my needs for the project. That said, and with the poll results in mind, what I’ll do for the next few entries is this: RM2K/3 – A basic "woodcutting" tutorial, which I recently rediscovered from a Runescape…



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