Just A Quick Update

I’ve gone through the posts on this blog and rectified the ones that were missing or no longer working. No doubt I’ve missed a few, so let me know and I’ll fix them. This includes links no longer working to software, utilities and online resource sites. RPG Maker Times Companion has had a number of updates, including tutorials and utilities. I’m putting the updates on the home page for now, but as the rest of the (original) pages are completed, the updates will become more informative again. The next project after this will be the windowskins.

RMT Companion (Re)Developing Nicely

RPG Maker Times Companion has had a facelift. Essentially it’s the same and there’s still a lot of work needing to be done, but progress is slow but it IS being made. The blog isn’t abandoned. (I’ve been busy with my other sites and projects.) Updates will now always appear on the front page, as additional pages are added. That way you can determine which updates have been implemented. Over the course of the next few days, I will continue updating (scripts, tools and utilities, etc.) and will then be focusing on the windowskins and graphic resources. Check it often for the updates. For other updates you might like to…

RMVX Ace Windowskins – Tutorial

There has been a flurry of questions about RMVXA windowskins. Essentially they are the same as RMVX, so any windowskin designed for RMVX will also work with RMVXA. As with RMVX, use the Resource Manager (F10) in RMVXA to import the chosen windowskin into the Graphics/System folder. When used in a game, they will look almost the same (see the comparisons below). However, RMVXA has additional colour settings that override the background graphic normally displayed in RMVX, resulting in only the border and cursor from the windowskin showing and the background becomes the default window colors. As you can see, the windowskins are the same, but with the background overridden…

RPG Maker Windowskins

Work on the RPG Maker Windowskins weblog has finally begun. The previous hosts have been taken down completely; instead, they redirect to this website. All of the existing windowskins are slowly migrating to this site and, when finished, I’ll be adding more as time goes on. In addition, the site will contain windowskin tutorials and how-to’s, with several more planned at a later date. These tutorials/how-to’s are planned, but not implemented yet (these will be updated as soon as the windowskins database is up-to-date): How To Install Windowskins How To Tweak RMVXA Windowskins How To Use RGSS To Change Windowskins How to Install Multiple Windowskins EDIT: These are available on…

Windowskin Generator VX

Direct DownloadView RMVX Windowskins I found this awesome and very useful utility. It’s a Windowskin Generator, programmed by Woratana and with graphics by Aindra, for RMVX and it works! Update: Windowskins generated by this program will also work for RMVXA. The idea behind this is to make Windowskin creation easy by selecting various parts and applying them to the skin. It even has a preview area where you can see what the resultant image will look like! Once you’re done, the finished product can be saved and imported into RMVX for use in your games. Download it directly here, then extract it to the RMVX Projects folder (using WinRar or…

More Windowskins VX #5

View More Windowskins Here are some more RMVX windowskins, some of which I created from scratch and some of which were created with the Windowskin Generator. I can’t remember which belongs to where, but it doesn’t really matter. As usual, these are also placed on the sister blog, RPG Maker Times Companion, where you can view examples of these (and all the other) RMVX and RMXP windowskins. Right-click and save the image to your hard drive. Torn Parchment Roman Gothic Writer’s Papyrus Final Fantasy IX #1 Final Fantasy IX #2   Notes: The Roman Gothic windowskin was originally designed for The Gladiator Project, but I created a different one instead….

No Updates, Next Updates

There weren’t any updates last month – and only four in January! I’ve been so busy working and playing several newer MMORPGs, including Grand Fantasia (which I was beta testing for a while) and GodsWar Online. I‘ve also been was working on a new game, Chronicles of Yrd, which is more of an experiment than anything else and a test of my eventing and scripting knowledge. I’m trying to make an RMXP version and an RMVX version, both of which follow the same basic plot but they are different. The next major update to RPG Maker Times is going to be the comprehensive "Chest Tutorial", which will include a demo,…

More Windowskins VX #3

View More Windowskins Here are some more RMVX windowskins. All of the windowskins on this blog are compiled on Windowskins page, where you can view examples of these (and all the other) RMVX and RMXP windowskins. Right-click and save the image to your hard drive. Cerulean Chrome Cloudy > Grape Orange Sun Saffron   Water           The next windowskin update will be for RMXP, including conversions of some of these RMVX windowskins.

RPG Maker XP Windowskins

View More Windowskins Here are some RMXP windowskins. Clicking on the windowskin will redirect to the RPG Maker Times Resource Center (no longer available), where you can view examples of these (and all the other) windowskins.I am not an artist, but like experimenting with different things, although I do find it easier to create RMVX windowskins than RMXP ones. Final Fantasy I Final Fantasy IX Parchment #1 I’ll try and create some more RMXP windowskins as I feel inspired, or convert existing RMVX windowskins to RMXP format.

More Windowskins VX/VXA #2

View More Windowskins Here are six more RMVX windowskins. The windowskins on this blog have been compiled under the Windowskins page, where you can view these (and all the other) RMVX/VXA windowskins. Black Marble Pink Marble Old Parchment #2 Old Parchment #3 Skin Leather Valentine The next windowskin update will be for RMXP.