Dan's RMXP Tool

Dan’s ToolReview & Download Dan’s RMXP Tool is a useful utility for inspiration, which allows you to create names for characters, game titles, and a plethora of other things. The title is something of a misnomer because it can be used for all of the RPG Makers and other game makers also. (I have, on occasion, even used it for inspiration for titles for short stories!) The screenshot below shows an example of what it can do. (The skill it chose, "Cruel Skill", conjures up quite a few visuals, some of which are just cruel.) Random Title Generator: Generates game titles, examples of which are Old Birthright or Deep Spirit….

Miscellaneous Utilities

A number of useful utilities to aid in game-making with RM2K3 have been produced, aside from the Character Creators. The following utilities are designed for "hacking" resources: ResHack (RM2K/3) – Short for Resource Hack, this great utility allows the hacking of games or RM2K. With it, game icons, text, etc. can be modified to suit individual needs. RM Reck (RM2K/3) – Similar to ResHack (above), it allows game icon, glyphs, and even logo screens to be changed. This is compatible with both RM2K and RM2K3.

Window & Scene Wizard

If you’re like me and *hate* making windows and their accompanying scenes – at least when it comes to positioning onscreen – there is a useful utility called the Window & Scene Wizard (WSW). Actually it’s compiled using RGSS and runs standalone or from with RMXP itself. You can find a demo, along with instructions and downloads, at Creation Asylum. Note: The first download site no longer hosts the files, so be sure to use the second download site instead. The WSW works very well, using the mouse and keyboard fluently to create windows. You can create ordinary windows as well as menus, add text, icons and pictures, as well…

Create Your Own Resources Online

If you’re not a great graphic artist, like me, there are several websites that allow you to create your own, thus: Chibi KYARATSUKURU (RMXP) – This is a more comprehensive character maker, Google-translated into English from its original Japanese version. I love creating characters here, even if none of them ever make it into games! RPG Material – Character Generation (RMVX) – This is the ultimate RMVX character creator (and the only one as far as I know). Not only can you create your own characters by setting a series of options, but you can randomize characters. The output even has the appropriate facesets to use too! While these are…

Create Your Own Resources

Sometimes the resources that come with RMXP are not enough and you might want to create your own. There are several websites and programs that allow such customization, thus: Utilities Dan’s RMXP Tool (RMXP) – A useful tool for inspiration, which allows you to create names, titles, items, etc. (EDIT: Moved to the Multi-Platform Tools section.) Move Event (RMXP) – This utility helps with programming complex character movements, which can otherwise be very tedious. Character Maker (RMXP) – Allows the creation of sprites and character sets. (While this program is limited on features, some cool character sets can still be made from it.) Face Maker (Multi-Platform) – What’s a character…