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Windowskin Conversion – RMXP to RMVX/VXA

One of the most sought-after searches (according to Statcounter anyway) is about converting windowskins between RPG Makers. There are several methods for doing this, but one of the best and easiest ways is Hiper Windowskin Maker. Import RMXP windowskins into Hiper Windowskin Maker and you can convert to RMVX/VXA by selecting the parts and applying them to the RMVX/VXA windowskins, which can then be saved and imported for use. RMVXA windowskins are exactly the same as RMVX ones, so there’s no need for additional conversion. However, RMVXA’s windowskin colours (defined in the "System" tab of the Database) overrides the background graphics. For this reason, I’d recommend my RMVX to RMVXA…

Revisiting An Old Friend: RMXP

Since getting RMXP again (through the earlier Humble Bundle deal), I’ve been experimenting with RGSS again. Surprising how much I forgot. Anyway, as a side-project to the Q-Engine and The Gladiator Project, I’ve been working on some "Tweaks and Add-Ons" for RMXP, including an alternative Status Screen layout. These are mostly simple tweaks at the moment, but more add-ons are planned for the future. I’m also thinking about writing an Extra Stats script for RMXP, but not sure yet. It’ll be updated on RPG Maker Times & Companion as soon as it’s finished, along with the relevant details.

Game Progress Script

I originally wrote this script for RMXP, although adapted to RMVX (both scripts are available below). Sometimes it’s useful to know how far into a game you are. This script measures your progress in the form of a percentage (click on the screenshot to see what I mean). When you have completed certain tasks, you can add to the progress percentage. The inspiration for this particular script came when I was reviewing the Status for my game, The Gladiator Project (TGP), thinking that something was missing, though I just didn’t know what. But then it came to me that, since some Roman Gladiators fought their way to the top, I…

Victory Count Script

I was asked some time ago how to add a “Victory Count” – i.e. a counter for the number of battles won – so decided to experiment and this is the result. This is a very simple script modification, directly modifying various parts of the code. Game_SystemUnder the Public Instance Variables, add the following: attr_accessor :victory_count # number of victories Under initialize, add: @victory_count = 0 Scene_BattleLook for def display_exp_and_gold, place the following underneath $game_party.gain_gold(gold): $game_system.victory_count += 1 Scene_MenuIn def start, add: @victory_window = Window_Victory.new(0, 175) In def terminate, add: @victory_window.dispose In def update, add: @victory_window.update Create a new entry, entitled Window_Victory, and paste the following code: class Window_Victory #————————————————————————–…

Time/Date Formats

In yesterday’s entry, System Time/Date Script, I showed how to use the built-in Time function to display the current (system) time and date. To change format, the strftime method has a number of options available. Its basic format is strftime(format) where format is the format string to be used, which may be specified with the following: %A – Full day of the week (Sunday, Monday, etc.) %a – Abbreviated day of the week (Sun, Mon, etc.) %B – Full month (January, February, etc.) %b – Abbreviated month (Jan, Feb, etc.) %c – Current Date and Time (system clock format) %d – Day of the month (01-31) %H – Time of…

System Time/Date Script

RMXP and RMVX has a built-in Time function that allows the display of the current date and time (based on the system clock). I found this by accident while sifting through the Help file – actually while searching for Bitmap and Sprite management – and after some experimentation discovered how to place it in windows. To use it, there are two functions to be aware of: Time.now This reads the current time and date from the system clock. strftime(“%I:%M:%S %p”) This converts the time into a string, using the time of day (in 12-hour format), minutes and seconds, as well as showing AM/PM. So to add the time and date,…

Adding Window Text Effects

Using the built-in RGSS/2 script, we can add some cool effects for enhancing or beautifying text, if used properly. These include a shadow effect and outlined text. Both of these scripts should work in both RMXP and RMVX, although I think there’s an added font feature in RMVX for creating shadow effects without script.) Shadow Effect Add the following to Window_Base: #—————————————————# * Draw Shadow# x : draw spot x-coordinate# y : draw spot y-coordinate# w : width# h : height# text : text to display#—————————————————-def draw_shadow(x, y, w, h, text) # Display shadow/shadow color self.contents.font.color = Color.new(200, 200, 200, 205) self.contents.draw_text(x + 4, y + 4, w, h, text,…

Simple Font Draw

As the title suggests, this is a simple routine for redefining fonts, such as name, size, bold, italic, etc. Although this was written in RMXP, it should also work in RMVX and RMVXA. The default format for manipulating fonts in windows is: self.contents.font.name = "font name" self.contents.font.size = 22 and so on. The reason that self.contents is used first is because this refers to the bitmap (Bitmap) used for the window’s contents. Whenever fonts need to be "drawn" into a window, the font and draw methods will be called from Bitmap and written into the window contents area.

Change Parallax Scriptlet

One of many features disabled in RMVX is the ability to change the Parallaxes, which was available in RMXP (and RM2K/3 before that) directly from the Event Commands. Parallaxes are graphics (usually of clouds or distant landscapes) that can scroll behind a map. While it is possible to set the parallax graphic in the map settings only, this "one parallax per map" rule is rather annoying. As I start learning RGSS, the scripting language used by RMXP and RMVX, and familiarize myself with its nuances, being able to find workarounds and tweaks is half the fun. I created a simple but effective (and certainly not perfect) method for changing parallaxes…



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