More Windowskins VX/VXA #2

View More Windowskins Here are six more RMVX windowskins. The windowskins on this blog have been compiled under the Windowskins page, where you can view these (and all the other) RMVX/VXA windowskins. Black Marble Pink Marble Old Parchment #2 Old Parchment #3 Skin Leather Valentine The next windowskin update will be for RMXP.

Character Maker XP Online

There are quite a few Online Creators for RMXP/RMVX already, mostly Japanese sites. I recently discovered – quite by accident – a French site, Nine Sages (sadly offline because of lame-ass hackers!), which has some absolutely stunning Title and Game Over pictures, in addition to some fabulous resources. It’s well worth checking out. The pièce de résistance for me was finding a working character maker for RMXP. It is still limited in the amount of resources for characters, but it does have enough to make some decent character sets. The generator can be found here. It is in French, but does not need translating as it’s easy enough to use.

More Windowskins VX #1

View More Windowskins Once again, these RMVX windowskins have been created with Woratana’s excellent Windowskin Generator. (Don’t forget to credit Woratana and Aindra if any of these are used, as anything produced are essentially theirs.) Old Parchment Windowskin Horror Windowskin I’ll upload some more RMXP and RMVX/VXA windowskins soon, but some of the ones that I’ve created (it’s just a matter of finding them again).

System Graphics – Part 2

System 2 is the "Battle Menu Set", used in battles to determine the cursor for targeting enemies and allies. It also displays the ATB bar and the numbers for HP and MP display in gauge type battles (set in the Battle Layout options of the Database). Gold System Set 2 A gold themed System Set 2 reminiscent of royalty, this was the first I ever created (or re-created would be more accurate). The numbers on the gauge aren’t really that clear, but I kept it as is for posterity. The tutorial on how to create your own System Sets is viewable here.

System Set – Tutorial Part 1 (RM2K3)

System graphics, in the System folder, are used for the Main and Battle menus. These are some I created (modified) a while ago. They are free to use for any RM2K3 game. System Sets Here are two basic system sets I created using the System Set template. Gold Frame This system set sports a gold frame on a black background that gives it a royalty feel. Parchment This system set has a parchment background to give games an archaic look and feel. The tutorial on how to create your own System Sets is viewable here.

Windowskins #1

While playing around with the Windowskin Generator I mentioned in a previous entry, I’ve created some cool Windowskins for use in games. Old Leather Windowskin Oceanic Windowskin Grassy Windowskin For a more in-depth look at changing windowskins, you might like the How To Change Windowskins Using RGSS Tutorial.

Create Your Own Resources Online

If you’re not a great graphic artist, like me, there are several websites that allow you to create your own, thus: Chibi KYARATSUKURU (RMXP) – This is a more comprehensive character maker, Google-translated into English from its original Japanese version. I love creating characters here, even if none of them ever make it into games! RPG Material – Character Generation (RMVX) – This is the ultimate RMVX character creator (and the only one as far as I know). Not only can you create your own characters by setting a series of options, but you can randomize characters. The output even has the appropriate facesets to use too! While these are…

Create Your Own Resources

Sometimes the resources that come with RMXP are not enough and you might want to create your own. There are several websites and programs that allow such customization, thus: Utilities Dan’s RMXP Tool (RMXP) – A useful tool for inspiration, which allows you to create names, titles, items, etc. (EDIT: Moved to the Multi-Platform Tools section.) Move Event (RMXP) – This utility helps with programming complex character movements, which can otherwise be very tedious. Character Maker (RMXP) – Allows the creation of sprites and character sets. (While this program is limited on features, some cool character sets can still be made from it.) Face Maker (Multi-Platform) – What’s a character…

RM2K3 Character Sets #1

Here are some charsets I created for RPG Maker 2000/3 using Character Maker 1999. Visit the RM2K3 Character Sets page for more, then right-click and "Save Image As" to the hard drive. Do NOT save the images into your project Charset folder. Import them instead. View more RM2K3 Character Sets.