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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #28: Advanced Crafting (Cooking)

Smile Game Builder Tutorial 28: Advanced Crafting (Cooking)

This topic of this week’s Smile Game Builder tutorial is Advanced Cooking. In Tutorial #28: Advanced Crafting (Cooking), I revisit the previous Cooking tutorial (#19) and add a Cooking Level and Cooking XP. This is particularly inspired by Runescape, a game I used to play passionately but have since moved on from. Video Tutorial You can view my other Smile Game Builder tutorials on the SGB Tutorials: Complete List page. This system is flexible for use in other crafting areas, but is also adaptable for other similar systems as well. Next Tutorials Over time, I’ll continue with the Crafting System, adding new techniques and areas, such as farming, gathering or…

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #12: Tips & Tricks (Part 1)

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #12: Tips & Tricks (Part 1)

This short tutorial is dedicated to some small tweaks, tips and tricks to enhance or build your game, things that don’t really fit larger tutorials and FAQs. Regular Feature This will become a regular feature for tutorials, although sporadically, in the future. However, this all depends on a number of factors, such as new updates, visitors’ comments or inspiration. As time goes on I’ll discover more, so will categorize them as "tips and tricks" rather than an actual tutorial. Many of these will undoubtedly find their way into the actual tutorials as expansions or additions. Video The topics it covers are (clicking the link goes straight to the relevant section…

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #10: Event Triggers

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #10: Event Triggers

In this tutorial, I showcase using triggers, notably the autorun parallel trigger. The idea is to set up a meeting with three characters. Once they’re all summoned, a message automatically appears telling you to return to the house for the meeting. There, all of the summoned characters appear. I’ve used a number of switches and event triggers to achieve the goal of this tutorial. Note, however, a conditional switch set to off on the first page is unnecessary. It’s just good practice to put this in, mostly to keep track. Video Because the video contains a bit of preamble, skip to the tutorial if you want to. Next Tutorial I…

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #9: Pictures

SGB Tutorial 9: Pictures

This tutorial showcases pictures. You can manipulate pictures to add life to your static images, so these are some of the techniques I’ve learned. There’s also a routine to add a Compass HUD to your maps, which change according to the direction you’re moving. And another section on creating basic splash screens as well. Video Map/Compass HUD Script/Plugin On the right are the links to my Map/Compass HUD script (RMXP) and plugin (RMMV). Although existing, these are not publicly available for RMVX or RMVXA. Download and use them, if they’ll prove useful, for non-commercial games only. Tutorial Notes The Map/Compass HUD only works in normal overhead view, and not in…

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #8: Time and Date

SGB Tutorial 8: Time and Date

This tutorial is an overview of the Time and Date function (in the Advanced Variables Option). It demonstrates how you can use and display the local system time in message boxes. The initial intention for this tutorial was a simple calendar system, but due to the nature of parallel events, it wasn’t working as it should. (I recently discovered this and know how to fix it for the actual calendar system tutorial.) Video It’s important to note that the "issue" with adding to the time and it going beyond 24 hours is irrelevant and unimportant. It IS possible to insert an event "subroutine" to check and modify the time/day. Duplicate…

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #4: Working with Conditions (Part 1)

Smile Game Builder 4: Working with Conditions (Part 1)

This tutorial shows how to use conditions effectively in Smile Game Builder, including what they are and how they function. Conditions in SGB are the equivalent of switches in RPG Maker, but they’re used slightly differently in SGB. This multi-part tutorial explains in detail how to use them effectively. Video SGB Animated Talking Tree Model You can watch the Animated Talking Tree video I mentioned in the video on Jacob’s YouTube channel. It’s well worth watching and showcases exactly what you can do in SGB with the right skill and determination. Working with Conditions (Part 2) Part 2 will continue with conditions, where if you have a certain ingredient a…

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #3.3 (Part 4) – Characters & Party Members

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #3.3 (Part 4) - Characters & Party Members

In Part 4 of the Characters & Party Members tutorial for the Smile Game Builder Tutorial series, I go through several requested options, namely, Eldred will join when: Video You can watch the other parts in the series (recommended): Next Tutorials First of all, after this, I’m putting tutorials in sequence, regardless of if they’re multi-part or single to make things much easier to follow and edit. In the next tutorial in the series, I’ll look at Conditions, including what each one does, how to use them effectively, and so on. I’ve received so many how-to requests regarding the Conditions that this might need an extension into several parts. But,…

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #3.3 (Part 3) – Characters & Party Members

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #3.3 (Part 3) - Characters & Party Members

I published Part 3 of the Characters & Party Members for the Smile Game Builder Tutorial series earlier than usual this week. With Part 1, we had a brief look at preset events and added Marie, who wanted a flower. In Part 2, we added two more party members: Ignaz requested gold and Lisa wanted an egg. In Part 3, the penultimate part (for now) of the Characters & Party Members series, we add Eldred. His request is a random item before he’ll join the party. This demonstrates one method of doing just this, but others may prefer something else. Video Part 4 In the final one in the series,…

Smile Game Builder – Tutorial #3.1: Events Overview

Smile Game Builder - Tutorial #3.1: Events Overview

This tutorial, the third in the Smile Game Builder series, glosses over the preset events, going through each one in turn. This isn’t a comprehensive how-to; it’s simply to showcase what’s available. Note: This video is longer than I intended it to be! I’d like to keep videos around 20 minutes long, but sometimes they’ll go over. And that’s when the fun will really begin! Video Next Tutorials The next few tutorials will cover some of these events in more detail, including the events tree, and – finally! – customizing events. I’ve had a lot of requests on how to do certain things in SGB, so my aim is to…

Events Tutorials 2b: Picture Effects – Tinting

RPG Maker Times Blog

This is the third video in the Events Tutorials series and the second in the Picture Effects multi-parter. If you haven’t already, I recommend you watch the first one, Fade In/Out Picture Effects before this one. This how-to video shows how to create a nice tint effect for your pictures. This, in my opinion, is a really cool effect. As always, future tutorials are drawn from different sources or whenever I’m inspired. However, write suggestions for future Events Tutorials in the comments below. Video Tutorial Other RPG Makers The steps in this video will work in other RPG Makers, probably with some tweaking. Setting up is essentially the same, as…



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