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Smile Game Builder Tutorial #7: Advanced Variables (Part 1)

Smile Game Builder 7: Advanced Variables

Advanced Variables is a newly updated function that allows you more scope when manipulating variables. You can use it for such things as storing date and time, player stats and camera settings.

This tutorial is an overview only, but I’ll use advanced variables much more in future tutorials. Having this feature opens up the possibilities even more, notably for creating stunning games.



I’m unfamiliar with some aspects of the Advanced Variables, as I have yet to try them all out. Over time, no doubt that’ll change as I experiment more with it and familiarize myself with its nuances. I’ll then share any new tricks and tips I find.

Future Tutorials

For the next tutorials, I’m uncertain which ones to pursue.

However, it occurred to me that the preset chests have more scope for expansion, similar to the tutorial series I did for RPG Maker.

SGB has a number of preset chest events, including locked chests. But what if you want chests with random content, items by player level or even a Final Fantasy inspired monster-in-a-box?

Achievable in SGB with some advanced editing and variables, a comprehensive tutorial may arise from it. And I’m considering this with SGB as well.



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