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QEngineMV (QES)

The QEngine MV (QES) is a library of extra functions to add flavor to RPG Maker MV. The plugin itself has been designed to enable cross-compatibility and usability with all of its add-ons.

Separately, the plugin is also intended for plugin creators and programmers to utilize the extra functions on their own (see the Functions section) from within the MV environment.

QEngineParametersFunctionsPlugin CommandsDownloadPersonal Notes
Version: 1.2
Author: Companion Wulf
Platform: RPG Maker MV
Plugin Type: Standalone
Required: None
Filesize: 31 Kb
File Format: JS/ZIP
Release Dates:
  • 1.2 — Pending Release
  • 1.1 — 2 January 2017
  • 1.0 — 26 February 2016
These parameters can be set to tailor your game to your needs or requirements. Parameters can be toggled on or off (as appropriate) with true/false, yes/no, enable/disable, on/off or show/hide.

Game Parameters
  • Game Version – The version number of your game.
  • Build/Version Layout – Change the format of the version/build of your game (as applicable).
    ¶ Not available in v1.2.
  • Start Full Screen? – Start the game in full screen.
  • Include Mature Content? – Include Mature Content options and content.
    ¶ The was originally a separate plugin but this has since been fully integrated into the QEngine.
  • Mature Content Text – The text for the Mature Content in Options.
System Parameters
  • Date Format* – Define how the date is shown. Options are: Full and Standard.
  • Time Format* – Define how the time is shown. Options are: Full, Standard and Military.
  • Max Save Files – Change the maximum number of save files.
  • Copyright Data – Set the copyright message (Start Year, Name, Addendum).
    ¶ The Start Year automatically adjusts to the current year and if omitted Addendum defaults to "All Rights Reserved".

* Date and time formats are based on your local clock settings.

Currency Parameters
  • Currency Format – Formats the amount of money. Options are: Normal, Comma and Suffix.
Map Parameters
  • Unknown Map – The text for any unknown/unexplored maps.
  • Party Steps Commas – Add commas to large step numbers.
Game End Options
  • Show Game End Continue? – Show/Hide Continue (load game) in the Game End options.
  • Game End Continue Text – The text for Continue in the Game End menu.
These functions can be used separately for other plugins or content, but they are mostly used in the QES Add-Ons. A more comprehensive details on each function is available in the QEngine MV Manual (included in the downloadable ZIP file).

  • toBoolean – Converts true/false, yes/no, enable/disable, on/off and show/hide to a boolean function (returns true/false).
  • booleanType – Displays the type of boolean used in toBoolean.
    ¶ This was originally for my own internal use, but I decided to add it for more specific use.
  • toArray – Converts Converts a string to an array.
  • alertBox – Displays an alert box on-screen (useful for displaying certain information).
  • capitalizeAllLetters – Capitalize every letter in a string.
  • capitalizeEachWord – Capitalizes the first letter of each word, useful for titles.
  • capitalizeFirstLetter – Capitalizes the first letter of a word, useful for names.
  • isCamelCase – Checks if Camel Case is used in a string.
  • isEmpty – Checks if a string is empty or null.
  • padSymString – Adds “padding text to a string repeated a number of time.
  • toReverseText – Reverses the text to read from right to left.
  • toReverseWords – Reverses the word positions.
  • stripWhitespace – Removes extra spaces and “whitespace” from the beginning of a string.
  • stripLetters – Removes all letters and symbols from strings and returns only numbers.
  • stripDigits – Removes all numbers and symbols from strings and returns only letters.
  • stripSymbols – Removes symbols from strings and returns letters and numbers.
  • toSentence – Applies proper capitalization after sentences (ending with ., ? and !).
  • toDecimal – Converts a number to a fixed decimal. Ex: 25.34.
  • isBetween – Checks if a number is between the set range.
  • toPercent – Converts a number to a percentage of a value.
  • preciseRound – Outputs a precisely rounded number.
  • numberToComma – Outputs commas in large numbers. Ex: 10000 = 10,000.
  • numberToSuffix – Truncates large numbers with their letter equivalents. Ex: 1000 = 1K.
  • convertCurrency – Converts numbers to normal or translates them with commas or suffixes.
    ¶ Although this is for converting currency, it can be used for numbers in general. I may end up renaming this accordingly.
  • isInteger – Checks if a number is an Integer.
  • isPositiveInteger – Checks if an Integer is positive.
  • setMinMax – Sets the minimum and maximum ranges. If values are outside the min/max range, those are used instead.
  • toAverage – Outputs values (from an array) into an average.
  • toOrdinal – Outputs numbers to ordinals. Ex: 3 = 3rd.
  • padZeros – Pads a number with extra zeros.
  • displayDate – Displays short/long date formats.
  • displayTime – Displays 12/24 hour time formats.
  • playTime – Displays the total play time.
  • greeting – Displays a greeting based on the current time of day (used for the QEngine Message Add-On plugin).
  • eraseAllPictures – Erases all pictures on-screen.
  • mature – Returns the status of the Mature Content. (This is intended as a means to insert mature content if it’s toggled ON in Options.)
  • showFPS – Allows you to show the current FPS in the top left (for whatever reason).
  • copyrightInfo – Displays copyright information and dynamically uses the current year.
  • webLink – Allows websites to open in a window or a browser.
  • WEBLINK – Calls an external website that opens in a window or browser.
    Format: WEBLINK <uri> <method>
The QEngine MV Plugin is not available for download yet. Check regularly or get notified on Twitter, Facebook or this blog for updates.

Be sure to read the Terms of Use for Scripts/Plugins as well.

The two main aims of the QEngine are to consolidate all of the functions I use for its add-ons or additional plugins and to add new functions to RMMV if anyone wants to use them.

It was originally designed to inocporate all of the scripts I did for the Scripts/Add-Ons Compendium for RMVX (no longer updated). The bulk of this was ported over to MV and converted. In this incarnation, it was named the CW-Engine (from the initials of my name, Companion Wulf), which kind of sounded like a Q. So QEngine stuck and has been used ever since.

The plugin has been greatly expanded from a simple system of tweaks and minor additions into a complete engine. Over time, further development will take place to expand add-ons or to enhance things like layout, functionality and the system itself.



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