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QEngine MV Add-Ons (QEAO)

The QEngine MV (QES) is a core utility for the RPG Maker MV environment. It was originally designed to consolidate all of the functions I wanted to use in my plugins and, by extension, for use by other plugin creators.

The following add-ons are available for the QES (making use of these functions):

  • QES Message Add-On (QMSA) – A short, simple plugin to add extra code characters to message boxes. Status: Unreleased.
  • QES Title Screen Add-On (QTSA) – Adds numerous features to the main Title Screen, such as changing the main title font, adding subtitles and animated backgrounds. Status: Unreleased.
  • QES Compass HUD Add-On (QCHA) – Displays a HUD on maps to display map name, compass points and player coordinates, as well as other details. Status: Unreleased.

Other add-ons will be developed over time.



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