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RMVXA Price Set

Apparently the price has been set for the new RMVXA. According to RPG Maker Web on Facebook (in a comment):

$90, with a discount to current VX owners. (We will also have discount codes on the blog, facebook and twitter, so keep your eyes open).

Although I definitely will be buying RMVXA, I definitely will not be buying it right away. The two primary reasons are: (1) I can’t afford it, even with the promised discounts, and (2) most of my moneys are now going towards my planned wedding costs.

I missed out on the two previous competitions to win a pre-release copy of RMVXA, but my heartfelt congrads to the lucky winners who did get it. “Gotta be in it to win it”, so when time is a factor against you “ain’t in it”! Haha!

Just as a side-note, RMVXA (or at least the trial version) will run more adequately than RMVX on a computer with the following specs: 800MHz CPU, 512Mb RAM, an SiS 630/730 onboard graphics card and an SiS 7018 onboard sound card. And, no, this isn’t quite the setup of my computer, it’s the computer I used to benchmark the lowest runnable specs for RMVXA.

Oh, and as an additional side-note (completely unrelated in fact) I tried the trial version of IG Maker, but it wouldn’t run on my hamster-driven computer, so I’m not planning on pursuing into that at present.



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