RMMV Plugins

RPG Maker MV

RPG Maker MV uses plugins, not scripts, so here I’ll be listing any plugins I do write them.

I learned Javascript (the language now used in RMMV, as opposed to Ruby script, quite some time ago).

I’m relearning it and how it’s all structured in RMMV. Most of the plugins, particularly in the beginning, may be simple (but possibly useful) tweaks and hacks, as I familiarize myself with RMMV’s structure. So, as time goes on, no doubt I’ll write more complex plugins and add them here. It is all coming back to me, after all.

RPG Maker MV Plugins

RMMV Pluginlets & Tutorials

The following section contains the pluginlets/scriptlets available for RMMV. Some of these are the result of experimentation and trial and error, and some are requests from various sources. Many of these pluginlets/scriptlets, however, arose out of the need for having them in a project, notably Otherworld. Most of these are also downloadable as RMMV Plugins for easier access and use in your projects.
Extra Message Codes Plugin (RMMV)

Extra Message Codes Plugin (RMMV)

The Extra Message Codes plugin provides a few extra control characters for message windows. I originally created this for Otherworld as part of the OW Engine, as I wanted certain functions that aren’t used in other message plugins. This isn’t a replacement message system, it simply adds functions to the message box.
RPG Maker MV Plugins

Randomize Title/Loading/Game Over Images Plugin (RMMV)

The Randomize Title/Loading/Game Over Images plugin displays random Title Screen, Game Over and Loading screen images. This plugin originally comprised three separate plugins that merged into one, as it made more sense to do so.
Currency Formatter Plugin

Currency Formatter Plugin (RMMV)

The Currency Formatter plugin rewrites the currency into a much more readable format, especially with larger numbers. It was originally inspired by the scriptlets I did for RMVX and RMVXA to split larger currency numbers with commas, thus 100000 is shown as 100,000. In MV, 1,000 becomes 1k and 1,000,000 becomes 1m. And because I just like a cleaner, neater format.
Map/Compass HUD Plugin

Map/Compass HUD Plugin (RMMV)

The Map/Compass HUD plugin displays a window on the map showing the map name, compass/direction and player coordinates, each of which can be toggled on or off.
RPG Maker MV Plugins

Random Loading... Images Plugin (RMMV)

The Random Loading… Images plugin enables you to add more "Loading…" images and randomize them so that whenever RMMV preloads its resources the default image will be replaced with a random one.

Social Media Buttons/In-Game Website Plugin (RMMV)

The Social Media Buttons Plugin enables you to display social media buttons (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and your project Website) on the Title Screen, each of which opens the corresponding website in a new window. You can also use the plugin to send players to a website in-game via events with a simple Plugin Command.
Title Screen Add-Ons Plugin (Updated Version)

Title Screen Add-On Plugin (RMMV)

The Title Screen Add-On plugin adds several features to the Title Screen (as the name suggests). This plugin contains a number of "pluginlets", including my Pretitle Movie Plugin (no longer available), which I wrote when RMMV was first released. I combined them into a single add-on to make it easier to maintain and update.
RPG Maker MV Plugins

Windowskin Tool Plugin (RMMV)

The Windowskin Tool Plugin enables you to tweak certain windowskin settings, such as changing the default windowskin from within the Plugin Manager. Also, RMMV has the same transparency problem with windowskins as RMVX did in that the windowskin colour (in the Database) overrides the windowskin graphic (which is a simple hack really).