Real Time KTS Mod

This is in answer to Miaucho‘s question (in the comments) about how it would be possible to rename the months to something else and is a followup to the Kylock Time System Script I posted a while ago.

While I have an intermediate understanding of RGSS at the moment, I will experiment on my own. That’s how I learn things. Thing is I couldn’t quite figure out how to implement the month array into the time system without encountering a few problems. My mind drew a blank.

Anyway, I found the Real Time KTS Mod by accident. This is a modification of Kylock’s, but it’s a very good one at that, utilizing the system clock for real time. Its rich array of features include:

  • Current Time (hours, minutes and seconds)
  • Current Date (weekday, month and year)
  • Seasons
  • Weather (according to season)

The demo version can also be downloaded here.

It should be easy to rename the months by placing an array in the KTS Module, something like:

MONTH_NAME = [“Month One”, “Month Two” … etc.]
Then calling it later (in getMonthName):

monthname = KTS::MONTH_NAME[@month]
And that should work. (I can’t thoroughly test it yet – but I will soon – as my copy of RMVX isn’t working properly for some reason!)

2 Responses to Real Time KTS Mod

  1. Miaucho says:

    You found it sooner than I had expected, thank you very much! Will it work for rpgxp? or is it only for vx? (I forgot to mention it in the past comment, sorry!)

  2. It should, although you might have to do a few additional tweaks to make it work.