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Random Name Generators

If you’re sometimes plagued by “developer’s block”, running out of ideas or trying to think of an appropriate character name or game title, then I have the site for you. I’ve used it primarily for my writings, but lately more specifically for character names.

The site is called Seventh Sanctum and trust me when I say it’s loaded with generators, from names (including weird names, pirate ship names, and elven names) to character classes to plot ideas. It’s all there!

While browsing around, below are a few of the gems that were generated:

RPG Name Generator

  • Fantasy: Hell of the Ghostly World
  • World of Grandia
  • Zeus’ Gear: Armored War

Pirate Ship Name Generator

  • Dragon’s Dream
  • Hades’ Black Jewel
  • The Horrible Plague of the Seven Seas

Story Generator

The story is about a poet who hates a manipulative archer. It starts in a keep in a sophisticated country. The story begins with a shopping trip and ends with a religious ceremony. An important bloodline plays a prime part.

(And already with that the ideas and possibilities for a game are starting to trickle in, not that I will but the inspiration is certainly there!)

Even if you don’t need to be inspired by randomness, the site is still worth a visit for its entertainment value, as some of the randomized output is quite humorous. And there are a LOT of generators to go through to idle away a harmless half-hour, but the chances are you’ll still revisit whether for entertainment or when you need inspiration.

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