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Q-Engine: Progress Report

Work on the Q-Engine has been ongoing (on and off) and progress on its redevelopment is well underway, with several add-ons now complete. Version 4.0 is almost ready for release.

Finished Add-Ons

  • Characters/Actors Add-On
  • Combat Add-On
  • Equipment Add-On
  • Status Screen Add-On

Add-Ons In Redevelopment

  • Animated Game Over Add-On
  • Animated Title Add-On
  • Game Over Add-On
  • Map Add-On

Additional changes are to the Universal Configuration Settings Module (UCSM). Instead of consolidating all of the settings for all of my scripts, this will now only be used for global or system-wide settings, such as fonts and certain layouts. The settings for each script and add-on will now be included in a separate corresponding module for easier access.

Once these are done, the entire Q-Engine section will be updated accordingly.



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