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Poll Results – Enterbrain Take Note!

The results are in! The populace has spoken! So, Enterbrain take note!

Their next RPG Maker should be a fully functional MMORPG creator, as it’s the next, best thing. MMORPGs have been around for some time now and they are big business and a rapidly growing industry. Now that would be cool! In fact, 61% of voters also think the same thing.

A close second would be a “true” 3D RPG Maker, i.e. one capable of 3D graphics a la Phantasy Star and Wolfenstein 3D (or some other FPS). In total, 21% voted for this option. The MMORPG RPG Maker would have this integrated anyway.

Finally, if that proved to be impractical for whatever reason, 16% of voters would settle for a new RPG Maker but with all the elements of previous versions – RM2K3, RMXP and RMVX – combined. Nothing from the previous versions omitted either, i.e. multiple chipsets, missing functions, etc.

I know that I would definitely purchase an MMORPG RPG Maker, even for $80, as it’s been a dream of mine for quite a while to be able to create an MMORPG of my own. And using what I’ve learned (am learning) about RPG Maker it could be put to good (better) use.



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