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Getting Ready For What’s Coming

Getting Ready

While I’ve been spending more time using Ubuntu than Windows, and only a little time with the RPG Makers, I’ve not been idle. I’m counting down the days now for when the parts I need for my laptop arrive, which will mean proper experimentation with other RPG Makers. The major problem with this computer is its lack of memory. It’s one of those medium-range computers that’s “getting on a bit”; it only has two SDRAM slots, so upgrading to at least 1Gb (its maximum) is comparatively costly. Rather than investing in more RAM, I acquired a laptop instead, which needs some attention but it’s getting there.

Dungeon Craft

I’ve been playing around with Dungeon Craft, experimenting with it, and I think I’m getting the hang of it so I’m hoping to have some material and/or tutorials soon.

Engine 001

Another RPG Maker I’ve been drawn to for a while is Engine 001, but haven’t been able to run it. Probably a graphics card incompatibility. I’m hoping that it should work on the laptop, so we’ll have to wait and see.

The Gladiator Project/Ars Mechanicum Genesis

My main projects, The Gladiator Project and Ars Mechanicum Genesis, are being worked on intermittently and the scripts are being reconstructed.

CW’s Script Compendium

I’ve been updating many of the scriptlets on this blog, in addition to others I’ve written which haven’t yet seen the light of day. These are being compiled for both RMXP and RMVX, so I’m hoping to have something tangible soon.

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