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Game Progress Script

EDIT: This tutorial will be updated and moved to Scripts Tutorials or Tutorials & How-To’s and updated soon.

I originally wrote this script for RMXP, although adapted to RMVX (both scripts are available below).

Sometimes it’s useful to know how far into a game you are. This script measures your progress in the form of a percentage (click on the screenshot to see what I mean). When you have completed certain tasks, you can add to the progress percentage.

The inspiration for this particular script came when I was reviewing the Status for my game, The Gladiator Project (TGP), thinking that something was missing, though I just didn’t know what.

But then it came to me that, since some Roman Gladiators fought their way to the top, I figured why not have some kind of measurement on how close to “freedom” you are. So here’s the script.

To install:

  • Copy and paste the appropriate script above Main.
  • When you want to update the “progress percentage”, place the following in an event:
    $game_variables[1] += 5

    This will add 5 to the percentage.



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