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Fun With Events #1 – NPC Interaction

This was a question on Yahoo! Answers a while ago, which I answered and thought I’d share. Although initially tailored for RM2K3, it will also work the same way in RMXP and RMVX.

The basic idea is that while the Hero is walking around, someone shouts hello, the Hero turns and that person walks (or runs) up to him and they start conversing.

The simplest method (and easiest to adapt) is with an “autoevent”. For this example, the NPC event is 5 squares to the right of the Hero position.

Create a blank event and set the “Trigger Condition” to “Auto-Start”. In the “Event Commands”, place the following:

Move Event: Hero, Move Left, Move Left
Wait: 0.8 Sec
Message: Hey!|^
Wait: 0.8 Sec
Move Event: Hero, Face Right
Move Event: NPC, Move Towards Hero
Wait: 1.8 Sec
Message: It’s good to see you,n[1]!

The Hero will move left two squares, the NPC will shout (and will automatically enter – no keypress), the Hero will turn around, the NPC will run up to the Hero, then will say “It’s good to see you…” (with the n[1] switch being the name of the Hero you set up in the Database).



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