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Resource Tutorials

The Resource Tutorials show how to create your own resources in RPG Maker. Some of these have been extracted from their original posts in the Resources Templates (specifically for RM2K3). In time, this will be further expanded to include other templates for other RPG Makers.

How to Change the Game.exe Icon

The simplest and easiest method to change your game’s icon in RPG Maker is to use software such as Resource Hacker. However, for those worried about the legalities of doing so, here are two alternative methods that don’t directly modify any files. Method 1 – Shortcut Method 2 – Installer Extract With some compression tools, such as 7-Zip, you can create an SFX archive to install directly from a setup file, including creating a shortcut with the changed icon. (I might address this in a future tutorial.)

System Set Tutorial (RM2K3)

Breaking the System Set template down into its component parts, we can have a better understanding about how the components work, thus: A: Size: 32×32. This is the window background. It can be a single color or gradients, or even an image. B: Size: 32×32. This is the frame around the window (3 pixels wide) and the up and down arrows for scrolling through options. The arrows are 8×8 in size by default, but for the best results 10×8 is recommended with 2 pixels between each arrow. C: Size: 32×32. These two are the patterns used for the command cursor. If they are two different patterns, the cursor will flash...

System2-Set - Tutorial Part 2 (RM2K3)

System 2 is the "Battle Menu Set", used in battles to determine the cursor for targeting enemies and allies. It also displays the ATB bar and the numbers for HP and MP display in gauge type battles (set in the Battle Layout options of the Database). All In Gold Gold System2 Set A gold themed System2 Set reminiscent of royalty, this was the first I ever created (or re-created would be more accurate). The numbers on the gauge aren’t really that clear, but I kept it as is for posterity.This was the first I ever created (or re-created would be more accurate). The numbers on the gauge aren’t really that...



Hi-Tex House Pack Vol. 1

For Smile Game Builder

The Hi-Tex House Pack Vol. 1 contains 297 assets: 284 house wall terrains and 13 models. Get your copy for only $5!

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