RPG Maker XP

These are the scripts and scriptlets I’ve done for RMXP.

Because I hardly use RMXP any more in favour of VX and VXA, these scripts/scriptlets probably won’t be updated unless inspiration and motivation surface. I’ve managed to recover a number of my old scripts, so may include them here eventually.
Tweaks & Add-Ons (TWAXP)

Tweaks & Add-Ons Script RMXP (TWAXP)

The Tweaks & Add-Ons script adds several tweaks to RMXP, including for layout. It also adds some unavailable features and functions and other enhancements.
Map Compass Hud (RMXP)

Map/Compass HUD (RMXP)

The Map/Compass HUD script places a window on the map displaying the current map location and the party’s compass direction (the direction in which it’s moving), as well as the XY coordinates.