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Q-Engine Equipment Add-On (QES-EQA)

The Q-Engine is a plug-and-play script that allows you to add features to your game and customize them according to your needs, including the Equipment Add-On (QES-EQA), which enhances the Equipment screen.

Various other add-ons are also available to enhance your game further.

Equipment Add-On for the Q-EngineMain FeaturesScript RequirementsVideo DemoManualDownloadFuture Updates
The Q-Engine Equip Screen Add-On enhances the Equipment screen, including displaying parameter increase/decrease indicators when items are equipped or unequipped, and is intended to add features to the equipment screen, as well as some tweaks to the equipment in general.

It was originally part of the Q-Engine, but was extracted to make future expansion easier.

There’s only one main feature at the moment, but more will be added in future versions.

  • Parameter Increase/Decrease – Increases or decreases parameters based on the weapons and armour equipped or unequipped.
The following modules are required for the QES-EQA to run (in order):

No video demo is available yet, but I’m aiming to have a video showcasing the different effects that can be achieved with the QES-EQA.
The Q-Engine is constantly developing, with new features being added regularly. Planned updates for the QES-EQA include:

  • Eva, Cri & Odds to parameter list
  • Extra info to item descriptions
  • Cleaner, more aesthetic layout

Other add-ons will be implemented in due time.



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