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While updates have been few and far between because of the usual suspects (work, chores and other projects), there have been plenty of updates as far as RPG Maker is concerned.

To prevent further stagnation, on some of my days off I’ll be writing and scheduling several posts so that they can be spread out over the week. And I’ll try to be as consistent as possible with them.

Topics will range from plugins (both my own and others’) to games to news. All RPG Maker related, of course! Newly released resources from RPG Maker Web will also be posted. Any updates on the projects I’m working on will be just a synopsis of the main article, which will link directly to the projects blogs.

Gaia’s Dream

Gaia's Dream
Gaia’s Dream
An RPG Maker MV Project
Gaia’s Dream is a project that my wife and I are collaborating on. One of our dreams has been working on a game together and we’re finally realising it.

A lot of the graphics have been created for the game, but our main focus now is the storyline so we can start on the gameplay. On the official Gaia’s Dream site, we’ll be hosting regular beta-testing playthroughs.

We may also have livestream events to gather feedback or to generally chitchat, although this is just an idea at this point. It’s something we’ve discussed, but haven’t made action on yet because of timing and our schedules.


An RPG Maker MV Project
Otherworld is still being developed in the background, but updates are not being publicised. Although our main focus is Gaia’s Dream, progress on Otherworld is continuing unabated.

Much of the focus for Otherworld has been developing the system. I’m working on various plugins to redesign the core system (Status, Equipment, etc.) and integrate my Karma (Good vs Evil) plugin – which is ported over from the game’s RMVXA version – seamlessly into the game for extra options, such as multiple endings.

I’ve been experimenting with different layouts and designs, trying them out to see which ones work and which ones don’t. My wife is the authority on aesthetics, so she’ll have an equal say in the matter when the system is complete.

Adventures of Tryggr

The Adventures of Tryggr
The Adventures of Tryggr
An RPG Maker MV Game
The Adventures of Tryggr is not abandoned; it’s been put on an indefinite hiatus until the other projects are complete.

Eventually, The Adventures of Tryggr will become an interactive-fiction game, thanks in part to RMMV’s mouse and mobile support. It was originally going to be a regular RPG, but I decided to change its course and create something a little different.

Accompanying the game’s release will be a purchasable novel, based on the game and chronicling Tryggr’s adventures. This will be an expanded version of the game, adding much more detail, although it won’t be a complete walkthrough of the game. Anyway, that’s some time in the future.



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