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Vidar Has Been Funded!

Congratulations are certainly in order because the game Vidar has been funded at Kickstarter! What I’m most excited about is its complete randomness. You’re a stranger who arrives in the town of Vidar, where a monster kills someone every night. Whoever dies changes the storyline, so its replayability is very high. I wasn’t able to back it this time – as much as I wanted to – this is one of the projects I’ve been closely following silently since its inception. It certainly looks like it would be an awesome game, especially with its randomness. So this will appear somewhere on the top of my games to buy list.

Don’t Feed The Trolls!

If when I mention the word "troll", you’re thinking about the supernatural beings in Norse mythology or Scandinavian folklore, Tolkien’s trolls that turned to stone after sunlight, the prodigiously strong and incredibly stupid trolls from Harry Potter, or even the cutesy trolls (think Pabbie the troll king) in the Disney movie Frozen, then these are not the kinds of trolls I’m referring to. Trolls are everywhere! I’m on about Internet Trolls, who sow the seeds of their discord on the Internet by posting inflammatory messages, inciting arguments designed to upset people and provoke emotional responses, and otherwise greatly disparaging others’ efforts and hard work. Internet Trolls are not a new…

RPG Maker Times Domain Remigration

Over the next three to six months, the entire RPG Maker Times domain (and all its subdomains) will be migrated to a more suitable, stable dedicated web host for its growing needs. The sites are clearly becoming too large (in both size and growth), as well as overall traffic increase, for its current web host to handle. During this process, usual posts and updates shouldn’t be affected. It’ll most likely take three or more months to find a suitable web host either capable of handling the the demands of the domain and its subdomains or one better suited to its growing needs. I’m very reluctant to leave my current web…

Gold Comma Separators Scriptlet

If, like me, you hate the way large numbers are displayed without any separators, thus making it hard to read, then you’ll want the Gold Comma Separators Scriptlet for your games. What this does is separates large numbers with a comma every three blocks of numbers. Thus, 100000 becomes 100,000. That’s way easier to read! (Incidentally, it took me ages to figure out how to successfully do this!) Edit: An error occurring in RMVXA has been fixed. To achieve this, we attach .to_s.reverse.gsub(/(d{3})(?=d)/, ‘\1,’).reverse to the $game_party.gold. This is done differently in each RPG Maker. Copy and paste these somewhere between Materials and Main Processes (or after the main scripts…

Looking for Guest Bloggers

The RPG Maker Times blog has come a long way since its earliest beginnings as a site devoted exclusively to RM2K/3 stuff on Blogger. And since migrating to its own domain name, it’s come farther still. As a result, I love checking the site’s statistics: how many daily or monthly visitors, where visitors come from and ultimately which pages they’re drawn to. I also like checking the keywords that people are using to find the posts, whether those keywords are organic or direct or are from social media sites. Most days RPG Maker Times averages 250+ hits per day. That’s not bad considering it’s not been up that long really,…



Hi-Tex House Pack Vol. 1

For Smile Game Builder

The Hi-Tex House Pack Vol. 1 contains 297 assets: 284 house wall terrains and 13 models. Get your copy for only $5!

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