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Important Notice / Q-Engine Update / QeMS

RPG MAKER TIMES COMPANION – IMPORTANT NOTICE The RPG Maker Times Companion site is migrating to another web host by the end of the month. The tech support for the current one is the worst I’ve ever encountered – 3 weeks to answer a “High Priority” problem regarding a potentially serious site security issue IS crap. That aside, all of the projects (past and present) – The Gladiator Projects and Paranormality: Darkling – will also be migrating to here. Each will have their own projects subfolder. Windowskins will also have their own subdomain under the Companion umbrella, directly ported from a previous WordPress blog. This means I can delete the…

Paranormality RMVX / Q-Engine Features

Paranormality RMVXA Project I’ve started working on a new RMVX project, entitled Paranormality: Darkling, which are loosely based on my Jack Urban Chronicles novels (in progress) and will showcase what the Q-Engine is capable of. The project has just entered its embryonic stages, but regular updates will appear on its official website. Q-Engine Features List Now that the Q-Engine is at version (cited as Release Candidate 2.0), it’s time to showcase some of its major features. All of these are customisable from the Configurations Settings. Animated Title Screen – Animated title and author/subtitle graphics, as well as moving layers. Menu Information Windows – Provides additional information about each menu…

Q-Engine Release Candidate Version 2.0

Work on the Q-Engine has renewed after a brief pause. The Release Candidate for Version 2.0 is being reworked, with much of the code being tidied up and reconstructed to iron out several incongruities and compatibility issues. The manual is being rewritten from scratch to make it easier to read and will eventually be available as a downloadable file, which will be in DOC and PDF formats. There may also be a simple HTML-ised version online in time. Planned additions to the Q-Engine (prior to the release of Version 2.0) include: A new Animated Game Over screen Greater flexibility for alternative Status Screen layouts, including character profile information. Additional stats…



Hi-Tex House Pack Vol. 1

For Smile Game Builder

The Hi-Tex House Pack Vol. 1 contains 297 assets: 284 house wall terrains and 13 models. Get your copy for only $5!

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