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Navigation Menu Changes

The next big project for RPG Maker Times is its top navigation menu. The current one is way too out-of-date now and there’s no question that it needs updating. Because this blog is quite large, spanning four years worth of updates, it’s a mammoth undertaking. Now, I’m not entirely sure how this should be done. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and experimenting with the different ways of updating the menu to reflect the evolution of the blog and RPG Maker Times Companion. Here are some ideas I’ve considered: Simple Menu – A menu displaying only the main areas of the blog, such as Resources or Tools &…

HUD Designer (RMVXA)

VXAce HUD Creator Forum Homepage A HUD (Head Up Display), which is an interface overlaying the screen to display parameters and other information, always adds aesthetics to a game. In fact, many SNES games have HUDs. One in particular comes to mind: Zelda. The hearts container at the top of the screen is a HUD. There is an online WYSIWYG HUD generator for RMVXA, where you can create your own by dragging and dropping elements into place to create one of your own. There are only four options at present – Rectangle, Gradient Rectangle, Image and Text – but I’m sure more will be added at a later date. Notwithstanding,…

Open RPG Maker – Feature Review

Open RPG Maker is the “new kid on the block” and, while it’s still under development, it still shows enormous potential. The game engine is not implemented yet, which includes playtesting (this will begin when the Editor is finished), but many of the functions are. So this review is based on its features and functionality. Preliminarily, I’m quite impressed with it. What Is Open RPG Maker? According to the blurb: Open RPG Maker is aimed at being a free and open source clone of the RPG Maker series by Enterbrain. The end goal of the project is to allow users to create 2D console style RPG games similar to the…

Arabian Nights Resource Pack

The folks at RPG Maker Web have done it again! We were previously presented with the Modern Shop Add-On, purchasable for only $5.99. This time, however, we have the awe-inspiring Arabian Nights Resource Pack. It costs $9.99, but it’s worth the price. It’s stunning! Image borrowed from RPG Maker Web I’m promptly reminded of one of my favourite SNES games, Arabian Nights and, of course, the Aladdin movies. To be brutally honest, I’m not sure about the music sample they have on their page, entitled Arabian Nights – Town. It’s too shrill and tinny and gave me a headache, though it’s probably not the best one in the pack. I…

RMVX / VXA Resources

Lovely Blues Place has a handful of cool resources, including tileset and tileset extensions, as well as a plethora of sprites. Even though it hasn’t been updated for around a year, it’s still worth a mention because of the quality of these resources. Halloween Charset My favourite part of the website is actually the Halloween collection (an example is to the left). There are 14 Halloween character sets to use. They’re cute and well drawn and, with October fast approaching, someone may be able to use them if they’re planning on creating a Halloween type game. Garden Tileset This is by far my favourite, the Garden Tileset. I can really…

Q-Engine Script In Progress (RMVX)

Companion Wulf Presents The Q-Engine Script was originally going to be named CWEngine, i.e. Companion Wulf’s Engine, and is a kind of foundation script for my own scripts, as well as other functions and features. The Q-Engine Script is based loosely on my Scripts/Addon-Ons Compendium for RMVX, which incorporates my Extra Stats Window and Parameter Equip +/- Icon scripts. An expansion to the Bitmap class is planned to include additional shapes (circle, semi-circle, square, etc.) and font capabilities (enhanced shadow and text effects), as well as windows and windowskins effects. There will be enhancements to the menu, including icons, and status windows. I’m also hoping to re-do my MMORPG Styled…

More Sound Effects for RPG Maker

Following on from this post, here are some more websites for sound effects. Noise For Fun – This site has a blend of high quality, unique sound effects, which have been “exclusively produced”. Although many of the sound effects have a distinct sci-fi feel to them, under the “Fantasy and Magic” section you might find some sound effects you can use for skills. Free SFX – This site has quite an impressive collection of sound effects. It also has some amazing music tracks. You’ll need to register first before you can download anything, but it’s worth it. Soundcli.ps – This site boasts 10,000+ sounds! All sounds a free to download…

Melodia (Rpg Maker VX ACE)

Mog’s YouTube Download Script Here’s another awesome script from Moghunter. The Melodia script for RMVXA is a “rhythm game” in a similar vein to Guitar Heroes, where you press keys with the notes as they travel down the “note highway”. I’ve played Guitar Hero and many of its clones, and thoroughly enjoy it, but that’s not to say I’m any good. My hand-to-eye coordination is rubbish! That said this is an excellent addition to your RMVXA script collection and will give your game an extra dimension.



Hi-Tex House Pack Vol. 1

For Smile Game Builder

The Hi-Tex House Pack Vol. 1 contains 297 assets: 284 house wall terrains and 13 models. Get your copy for only $5!

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