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Paranormality 1: Darkling – Project Demo #1

Further to yesterday’s post, I decided to go a little further and see if I can create a game before the Trial version expires. Unfortunately, the microphone is so “powerful” as to pick up on the background noises and traffic (I might redo this video later, with improved sound quality). You might want to turn down the volume slightly before playing the video. Scripts Used (So Far): Animated Title – Companion Wulf ATS Series RMVXA – Modern Algebra Music: Kevin Macleod – Incompetech

Title Screen Animation (Experiment) – RMVXA

This is an experiment using RPG Maker VX Ace trial for an animated title screen I did. If there’s no saved game the “Continue” option will not show, but when a game is saved “Continue” will be shown in the menu, as demonstrated in the video. The mouse script is Jet’s Mouse System (RGSS3) using a custom made cursor. The name of the font is “SF Gushing Meadow”.

Failed To Obtain nTiles Trial Serial Number

This is one of the most common problems. I had to reinstall RMVX after something became corrupted. I had the privelege of trying out the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Bluntly, I don’t like it – it’s way too gimicky and iOS-ey for my liking – so uninstalled it and went back to the Windows 7/XP dual boot setup I had previously. RMVX was working just fine previously, but now it’s not. I had to uninstall and reinstall it, but receive the infamous “Failed to obtain serial trial number from nTiles” error. I know all about setting permissions, running as admin and running in XP compatibility, but it still won’t go…

RPG Maker Times Collection Update

I’m getting ready to upload a huge update to RPG Maker Times Collection. That’s partly why there haven’t been updates to RPG Maker Times; I’ve been working feverishly on the website. Once it’s all the way complete, then the time spent between the blog and the website will be reduced. The updates will include: All of the scripts I’ve written for RMXP and RMVX (except for the MMORPG Style Status Menu, which is still being rewritten for its integration into The Gladiator Project) All of the tools and utilities on RPG Maker Times Companion, plus some additional ones which will also make their way onto RMT Companion. Note that some…

New RPG Maker Times Collection Site Live

The RPG Maker Times Collection site is now online. This is part of an ongoing expansion for RPG Maker Times and, as I mentioned previously is designed as a repository for scripts, resources and additional materials contained on this blog, placed in one convenient place. Bear in mind that the site is still under some heavy construction, but progress is being made slowly and surely. The RMVX Scripts/Addon-Ons Compendium script is now available for download from RPG Maker Times Collection also. This is the ultra up-to-date version and contains the following scripts/scriptlets: Battle Start Announce Image: Displays an announcer image at the start of the battle. Critical Hit Flash Screen:…

Moving Through Treacle Update

That’s how I feel, like I’m moving through treacle. So many things I’d like to do, so many projects on the go, and only so much time to do them. I guess this is where those good time management skills can come out of hibernation now. Anyway, onto some updates. 001 Engine I’ve been playing around with the Engine 001 for about a week now. It’s pretty damn hot actually and very easy to use, although in the beginning the learning curve can be a bit steep if you’re not used to it. One of the things I absolutely love about this maker is that scripting is achieved by selecting…

Guardian Spirits Summon Tests (RMVXA)

With the imminent release of RMVXA, I figured I’d check out YouTube to see what others are showcasing there. And I happened across this video, which grabbed my attention. It looks quite cool.

Ruby Tutorials in RPG Maker Videos

While browsing around YouTube a while ago, I happened across some video tutorials. They are for RMVX only, but it shouldn’t be difficult to port them over to RMXP. I’ve actually been going through them recently and have been learning a few tricks. The first video tutorial – “vidorial”? – addresses a commonly asked question: How to remove the Save option from the Status Menu. Simple enough to do, but there are other areas you’ll need to find to completely disable it, as the video explains. Anyway, enough preamble. Most of the tutorials on this channel are quite informative, easy to follow, and aimed more at the beginner to intermediate…



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