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Ars Mechanicum Novel Update

Progress on the novel is going at full steam, but progress on the game is virtually at a stop. I’d like to get at least the first novel written before developing the game further, since the two will be a natural progression of one another and will tie up some loose ends. In the beginning, when I first started writing the novella, it was meant to be a tie-in with the game anyway, with the game literally starting right where the story left off, but as the plot developed it became increasingly more complex. It was apparent that some additional background into the storyline was needed because without it, there…

RPG Maker Web RMVX Tutorials

In case you’re not aware already – and you should be – the “official” RPG Maker makers are on Facebook or Twitter. I would highly recommend following them there if you have accounts at one or both of these places, as you’ll get first dibs on their newest products and add-ons, such as the “critically acclaimed” Samurai add-on pack. Anyway, I digress. They’ve been creating a comprehensive list of very useful tutorials for RMVX on their official site, RPG Maker Web (link leads directly to the tutorials page). So far they have 18 tutorials. I probably won’t update this as they’ll be “be continuing this series with a new tutorial…



Hi-Tex House Pack Vol. 1

For Smile Game Builder

The Hi-Tex House Pack Vol. 1 contains 297 assets: 284 house wall terrains and 13 models. Get your copy for only $5!

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