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Game Reviews Coming Soon

I must confess that I should have been working on my own projects, but instead I’ve been playing a few RPG Maker games over the past few months so now it’s time to finally start reviewing them. I did mention a while back about doing this. Now is the time, I guess, so over the next few weeks I’ll try and get some reviews up. Among the games that will be reviewed (in no particular order) are: Intelligence by Bizarre Monkey Spellbinder by OriginalWij The Cartographer by Avadan The Lore of Lorewyn by Hard Triangle (Christian Clinton) To keep things simple, the reviews will contain the following categories: Storyline: The…

The Gladiator Project – Redux Update #2

Some good news and bad news! The good news is that TGP has finally found a new host. You can access it still by using its domain name. I’ll be balancing between the two versions, RMXP and RMVX, as they will be synchronously developed, not so much the scripts yet, just the maps and storyline. The bad news is that no thanks to Heliohost, I lost the previous (latest) updates – no time to backup, since I could never access the site! That means that I’ll have to redo and redesign it. Not necessarily a bad thing, just annoyingly time-consuming! Second (or third) time around usually works out better in…



Hi-Tex House Pack Vol. 1

For Smile Game Builder

The Hi-Tex House Pack Vol. 1 contains 297 assets: 284 house wall terrains and 13 models. Get your copy for only $5!

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