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Happy Christmas 2010

Wishing all my visitors a Happy Christmas, wherever you are in the world. I won’t be doing too much on the RPG Maker scene until the New Year now. I’ll be continuing work on Ars Magia 1: Genesis, trying to get a playable demo. The tie-in novella should be finished by March, which will be purchasable from the weblog or this blog. I’ll be changing the layout to this blog as well, either using another template or (most likely) designing one from scratch. It’s time for a new look, as this one’s been up for close to a year now. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year~Companion Wulf

Zelda Forest Maze Tutorial – RMXP/VX

Zelda Maze Demo RMXPEDIT (9 Dec 2011): Demo now available. Checked for viruses using Comodo Antivirus. Continuing with the Fun With Variables theme and as an expansion to the Simple Event-Based Random Teleport tutorial, here’s something a little different. It’s designed for RMXP but can also be adapted work on RMVX (though not the same way on RM2K3 without some tweaking). For those of you familiar with the “infamous” Forest Maze in The Legend of Zelda (for the NES) will know all about it. For those unfamiliar with it – shame on you for not playing this classic! – the aim is to find your way through the forest using…

AMG Video In-Game Features Demo

This is a video demo of some of the in-game features, including the intro through to the Status Menu. The intro will be changed later, however. Don’t forget to read the footnotes below too. Revision Edit:5 December, 2010 The video has been truncated from its original. I also added some annotations to better explain the features. Most of the scripts have been tweaked to integrate properly into the AMG system. The characters’ profile information is incomplete yet, as is the “Extra Stats” page. A complete list of scripts is available here, updated as other in-game scripts are updated. A playable demo will be released soon – though no sooner than…



Hi-Tex House Pack Vol. 1

For Smile Game Builder

The Hi-Tex House Pack Vol. 1 contains 297 assets: 284 house wall terrains and 13 models. Get your copy for only $5!

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