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Welcome to the RPG Maker Times blogsite (officially renamed). Version 5 has been moved to Dreamhost. Enter ANNUAL50RPGMT for $50 off your first year’s subscription!

From February 13, 2014, the original Blogger RPG Maker Times blog and this one have merged.

This will now be the official blog for RPG Maker Times and will no longer be a "companion" site. The original RPG Maker Times blog at Blogger will remain, but it will be used mostly for any updates that appear here.

RPG Maker MV v1.2.0 Update

The long anticipated version 1.2.0 update for RPG Maker MV is here!

MV v1.2.0 New Theme

MV v1.2.0 New Theme

A number of issues have been fixed and several features have been added.

One of the features I am pleased about is being able to select multiple files when importing or deleting resources; this was a major issue I had in the previous versions. This will make life much MUCH easier!

They’ve even added a "dark" theme, which I rather like.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this post the RPG Maker Web Forum is "taking too long to respond" (meaning it’s down), so I’ve quoted the updates from Steam below:

Fixed Issues 
--Fixed a bug with memory leaks in the tiling sprite. 
--Fixed Editor Tooltips appearing on the wrong monitor when using a
multiple monitor setup. 
--Fixed a bug with animations that caused it to hide the target
--Fixed an issue with copying and pasting on IME keyboards. 
--Fixed a bug in resource manager that made it so files would not
be overwritten if you imported a file with the same name. 
--Fixed a face in People3.png 
--Fixed loop information in default music m4a (03_Battle_Against_the_Demon,

Implemented Features 
--Implemented Batch Selection in resource manager including Batch file
deletion and batch file importing. 
--Implemented Resource Manager DLC Button 
--Changed the Picture Rotation Event Command to now be able to rotate
pictures counter clockwise using negative values. 
--Addition of an Option command in the Tool menu 
--Implemented Map Grid Options 
--Implemented Dark, High Contrast Black and High Contrast White theme 
--Implemented editor DPI Scaling on Windows 
--Added Map zoom function to mouse wheel (CTRL + wheel or Command + wheel) 
--Implemented Refresh Button for Plugin Manager.

--The top left tile in the "B" tileset is changed to always be a "Star"
passability. This is to ensure collisions work right.

Social Media Buttons/In-Game Website Plugin Tutorial (RMMV)

This tutorial demonstrates how to use my Social Media Buttons/In-Game Website plugin for RPG Maker MV.

With the plugin you can place social media buttons (Twitter, Facebook and website) on the Title Screen. You can also call a website from within the game. These will open in a new game window or new tab in your default browser.

Terms of Use for Scripts/Plugins Updated

The Terms of Use for Scripts/Plugins has now been updated.

All RPG Maker XP, VX and VX Ace scripts can now be used freely in both commercial and non-commercial projects with proper credit.

RPG Maker MV plugins can be used in non-commercial projects only. However, a license granting non-exclusive use in commercial projects can be purchased for a small fee (to cover costs and distribution).

Be sure to read the Terms of Use for each section and, if you have any questions or concerns, for now I can be contacted at RPG Maker MV until a proper system is in place on this blogsite.

Restructuring/Updating Scripts/Plugins Pages

Restructuring/Updating Scripts/Plugins Pages

I’m in the process of restructuring the way that files are downloaded from RPG Maker Times, particularly in the RMMV/JGSS section. This is in light of something that I completely overlooked and recently discovered.

Previously, RMMV has been downloadable from Pastebin. However, due to the way that Pastebin saves the files this has been causing problems with the plugins. I’ll be removing Pastebin from the download options and providing alternative download files: Directly from RPG Maker Times and from Dropbox. These will be ZIP’d to include the Terms of Use for each plugin. Some plugins will also be downloadable from RPG Maker MV as well; these will link directly to the resource pages there.

The Scripts/Plugins section will be renamed RM XP/VX/VXA and the Scriptlets page will be placed under that. Replacing it will be a new section for RMMV Plugins. Some scripts, such as the Universal Configurations Settings Module, will be removed from the list, although the pages will still remain on the site.

As it stands, all scripts and plugins on this site are for non-commercial use only. The next restructure will be options for commercial use, which may involve a small fee just to cover costs.

As and when I have the time, I’m aiming on producing a few showcase/tutorial videos for the MV Plugins to include their features, settings and instructions on how to properly install.

I’ve also been revisiting the idea of restructuring RPG Maker Times‘s layout to something a little more dynamic, maybe similar to the one I did for Otherworld, although when this will occur I don’t know. I’m testing out a few ideas first.

New Plugin: Social Media Buttons/In-Game Website (RMMV)

Social Media Buttons/In-Game Website Plugin

With the Social Media Buttons/In-Game Website Plugin, you can display social media buttons (Twitter, Facebook and your project Website) on the Title Screen, each clickable to open the corresponding website in a new window.

You can also use the plugin to send players to a website in-game via events with a simple Plugin Command.

New Resources for RMMV

A few RMMV resources have been added today.

These are all free for use in non-commercial projects only, but please credit "Companion Wulf" or "RPG Maker Times" if you use any (or all) of them.

I will be creating and uploading more RPG Maker MV resources as inspiration and time allows.

Major Updates Catchup

I’ve been totally remiss with updates on RPG Maker Times. I’m not going to make excuses for this, but will say that these past few months have been extremely busy with work, various projects and side-projects and a bout of serious flu. This doesn’t mean that I’ve been entirely inactive with RPG Maker itself. In fact, the opposite applies.

RPG Maker MV Plugins

Most of my attention has been on RPG Maker MV, so let’s start with some of the new RMMV plugins I’ve created.

  • Pretitle Movie Plugin – From December, this plugin was no longer officially available, as it is now integrated into the Title Screen Add-On plugin.
  • Windowskin Tool Plugin – The Windowskin Tool Plugin has been updated to version 2.7, which now has Plugin Command options to change windowskins directly from within a game.
  • Title Screen Add-On – The Title Screen Add-On Plugin has been updated to version 2.1.
  • Map/Compass HUD Plugin – Added a new plugin, the Map/Compass HUD Plugin.

A number of the plugins I did release before being updated here were placed on the RPG Maker MV Forum I’m a member of.

Otherworld Updates

There has been substantial progress on Otherworld, although the blog hasn’t been updated in tandem with its updates on Twitter or Facebook.

Everything relevant should be retro-posted, updated and, where applicable, expanded on within the next few hours (at the time of writing this).

Design-A-Logo Contest Results

One of the things I completely overlooked was posting the Design-A-Logo Contest results, a competition I held a while ago to win some FREE Steam keys.

The winner was chosen and the Steam keys were delivered, but I’ve not updated the logo or made any posts/pages or made any announcements. Some time later, I’ll retro-post the results, along with the winning logos and honorable mentions as well.

RMMV Games on Kongregate and other sites

Because RMMV allows online publishing, a number of games have sprung up on Kongregate and other sites.

Over the course of the next few months, I will be showcasing and promoting some of these games.

And I’m seriously entertaining the idea of putting some of the shorter, smaller games I’ve already created with RMMV on these sites (or I may self-host them). One of these is a simple fishing/collecting game, which I may expand before uploading. Time will tell.

In Closing…

Although I don’t have much time to really focus on RPG Maker, I’m determined to keep on top of updates from now on, both my own and from others’ newsfeeds.

Plugin: Currency Formatter (RMMV)

Currency Formatter Plugin

The Currency Formatter plugin converts large currency numbers to an easier-to-read format.

Thus, 100000 becomes 100,000 or 100k (depending on the option used).

In time, I’ll add a few more options to it:

  • Currency position (left/right)
  • Icon instead of currency text
  • Message text options to change settings in-game

Happy New Year 2016

Another year has flown by, but that means another year of opportunity, with new ventures, new goals and new games!

One of my resolutions is that Otherworld will be completed this year.

Happy Christmas 2015

Happy Christmas 2015 from RPG Maker Times (however you celebrate it) and a happier game-dev New Year!

Happy Christmas 2015 from RPG Maker Times

Happy Christmas 2015 from RPG Maker Times

The winners of the Design A Logo Contest were notified of their prizes; I just haven’t had the time to update on the site yet. I will in the New Year!