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From February 13, 2014, the original Blogger RPG Maker Times blog and this one have merged.

This will now be the official blog for RPG Maker Times and will no longer be a "companion" site. The original RPG Maker Times blog at Blogger will remain, but it will be used mostly for any updates that appear here.

Random "Loading…" Image Pluginlet (RMMV)

RPG Maker MV Plugins

For my project The Adventures of Tryggr I created a randomized "Loading…" screen to showcase some of the locations Tryggr visited.

It was originally going to be game-exclusive, but after some consideration I decided to release this publicly (along with several other plugins/pluginlets) I created.

This short and simple, but effective, pluginlet enables you to use your own images for the Loading screen and randomize them to spice it up a bit.

You can download the pluginlet here.

Title Screen Add-On Plugin (RMMV)

Title Screen Add-Ons Plugin

The Title Screen Add-On plugin for RMMV is finished.

It was originally written as a series of pluginlets exclusively for The Adventures of Tryggr, but I decided to release it publicly before the game is completed.

The pluginlets were eventually merged into one plugin to make it easier to maintain and update.

Its main features are:

  • Pretitle Movie
  • Header/Footer Subtitles
  • Scrolling Images
  • Weather Effects

Upcoming RMMV Plugins I’ve Been Working On

RPG Maker MV Plugins

I’ve been working on some plugins for RPG Maker MV, taking FULL advantage of my vacation (back to work tomorrow), and at the same time adjusting to the way things are structured in MV’s core JS files.

One of the cool things about all this digging and poking around and exhuming the code is that my previous knowledge of Javascript (such as it is) is starting to come back to me. That means I’m starting to see the correlation between Javascript and the way MV’s JGSS is structured around it.

The following video showcases some of the plugins I’ve been working on. These ones are actually near to completion. They just need a bit of fine-tuning, particularly with the customization options. After that, they’ll be available for use and downloadable on RPG Maker Times.

Some notes about each of the plugins featured in the video:

  • Pretitle Movie: Already done, but updating it a bit./li>
  • Background Animation (Working Title): Adds a bit of animation to an otherwise static Title Screen. Adding more customization options to be able change a number of things with the animations.
  • Subtitle Text: This is complete, but I’m adding the customization options. ¶ This isn’t actually mentioned in the video, but is included, because it’s become part of my Title Screen Add-On plugin, which I’m still not sure about
  • Title Screen Weather Effect: Well, it is winter and I figured a nice snowy theme would be in order. You can have rain and storm as well. I’ll be working on other effects, such as autumnal leaves falling or somesuch later.

I’m hoping to write more in time, ultimately depending on my work schedule, especially with the run-up to Christmas.

Pretitle Movie Plugin for RMMV Finished

Pretitle Movie Snapshot

The Pretitle Movie Plugin is now finished. You can choose the movie to play and it will run before the Title Screen. You can download it here.

This is the first "official" plugin I wrote. While I’m familiar with Javascript, I’m not so familiar with MV’s JGSS, as it is Javascript but its structure for MV is a bit different. And I’m still getting used to it and finding my way around.

So, for those who can use it, it’s free for non-commercial projects, but please read the Terms & Conditions for additional use terms.

Design A Logo Contest Now Closed

Design A Logo Competition

The Design A Logo Contest to win RPG Maker VX Ace and resource goodies is now closed.

Thank you to all who participated. We hope to have more competitions in the future, this time to win a copy of the newest in the RPG Maker family, RPG Maker MV, along with some resources. We don’t know when this will occur, but definitely in the New Year!

In the meantime, we’ll be going through the submissions and deciding which ones will be shortlisted before making that final decision on the winners. And we’ll announce them soon.

For all the latest news about RPG Maker Times, along with projects, collaborations and future competitions, be sure to subscribe to the official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Adventures of Tryggr Troll – Offical RMMV Game

It’s now official!

Tryggr the Troll WILL have his own interactive-fiction style RPG Maker MV game! And he’ll eventually have his own website! He’s rather excited, as we are! Can you tell?

Tryggr Troll Dance

Tryggr Troll Dance

Tryggr is a character I created a while ago using Daz3D just for fun. Since then I’ve been creating various poses and scenes for him. When RPG Maker MV was officially released, I received my copy (having preordered it) and started playing around with the new RPG Maker. The result was a very short something, purely to test its HTML5 and Android capabilities.

When I showed the wife, she became quite animated and told me that it had the potential to develop into a kind of interactive-fiction, story-driven game. So after some discussion, we decided that we’d both like to work on it together.

For this reason, development on the Adventures of Tryggr Troll will officially begin!

We’ll begin development on the game as soon as we’ve finished writing the story. And, yes, this IS Tryggr’s actual graphic in the game. More details will follow as and when it develops.

Pretitle Movie Plugin (RMMV)

Pretitle Movie Snapshot

The Pretitle Movie Plugin for RMMV simply adds a movie before the Title Screen.

This could be to display the logos of a game’s creators or studios or perhaps a short background story before you begin to lure players in.

This particular plugin was born from experimentation with the new RPG Maker yesterday, as I was having fun with it. I wanted something before the Title Screen to display my logo and possibly web address. The movie I used was created some time ago and I’ve not put it to much use, to be honest.

So, yesterday’s efforts resulted in a very short something that, according to my other half, has the potential to become a kind of interactive-fiction, story-driven game. In fact, she wants to help write the story for it (she hasn’t been able to write anything for quite some time, so this will be good for both of us!). The video below showcases the game, including the Pretitle Movie Plugin in action, as brief as it is.

Someone may find it useful.

Fun With RPG Maker MV – An Experiment

I decided to have fun with RMMV and make a small web game featuring Tryggr Troll just for fun. Nothing special or fancy, just something to start getting used to it because I think I will eventually start migrating towards this RPG Maker, as opposed to VX Ace. Honestly, I don’t know what will become of this little experiment – if anything – so we’ll see what happens.

No Movies in Play Movie Event RMMV – Solution

There have been a number of issues, it seems, with the Play Movie event command. Either they’re not playing or they’re not showing up in the event list, even though they’re in the movies folder. There IS no import function in RMMV, as there was in previous RPG Makers, so you now have to manually copy and paste "assets" (resources) into their respective project folders.

The Problem

No Movies in RMMV Play Movie Event

No Movies in RMMV Play Movie Event

The problem as I see it is that since RMMV supports much higher resolutions and can be used on multiple platforms, faster, higher quality graphics and sounds are almost certainly more of a requirement. Older formats are quickly becoming incompatible. So as a result, this leads to a bit of fickle behaviour.

It’s now no longer a matter of importing (or in RMMV’s case copying and pasting) movie files into the movies folder and expecting them to work.

RMXP and RMVX didn’t support videos natively, but there were various scripts that would allow you to play movies; these were often unreliable depending on how the video was saved, in what format and whether additional codecs were required.

RMVXA, however, did have solid support for movies using OGV (developed byXiph.org Foundation), which is basically a highly-compressed video file format to vastly reduce HD movie sizes.

With RMMV, MP4s must be encoded with the H.264 codec for them to work properly, it seems, and placing an MP4 into the movies folder alone will no longer work! Nor will they show up in the Play Movie playlist.

The Solution

Movies in Events Playlist

Movies in Events Playlist

This might be partially due to its support for multiple platforms, including HTML5, so something else is required for more cross-compatibility.

As a result, RMMV can also accept the HTML5 WebM Movie (.webm) file format.

For conversions I’d highly recommend downloading Any Video Converter, as it does support both formats (and many others) required by RMMV.

Once converted, when you copy and paste the webm movie into the movie folder, videos will now play and show up in the event command’s playlist. In fact, according to RMMV’s help file:

The file formats that are playable depend on the operating environment, so please prepare the below 2 file formats with the same file name.

MP4 (.mp4 encoded with H.264 codec)

* When creating a game that will be played on Windows or Mac, please prepare only the WebM file format. When creating a game that will be released on the web or made for Android/iOS, both file formats are required.

In Conclusion

That is something I overlooked until I read the entire help file (yes, I did that!). During development, then, as mentioned, movies will show up and play only if the .webm video format is used. However, the MP4 file should also be included if games are developed for websites, Android or iOS.

It really does help to read help files! (This might seem blatantly obvious and a bit condescending, but I rarely actually read the help files, except when I need them, and I know may people who don’t either.)

My First Foray into RPG Maker MV

Well, I’ve had my first foray into RPG Maker MV. At this point, I’m not sure if I’m entirely ready to be converted (yet!).

I’m more fluent in Javascript than Ruby, so once I wrap my head around how everything is structured in MV, I might be able to write some scripts.

JS Core Files in RMMV

JS Core Files in RMMV

Unlike with VXA, however, where classes, modules, etc. are separated to make scripting easier, you’d be able to go into, say, Window_Base and edit (or alias) certain things directly. In MV, however, things are bundled together into several core JS files; some settings are scattered throughout. This makes it more difficult to find specific classes until and unless you know your way around them.

The Event Commands are the same, with a few additions like “Plugin Command” underneath the “Script” command for parameters passed through the plugins.

I haven’t really delved too deeply into it yet, as I’ve been skimming through the core JS and plugin files. I think, though, that so far it’s worth paying the $90-something for it, as it DOES show a lot of potential. This is especially true now since it can also be used to create games for Android and iOS devices.

As time goes on, I’ll continue playing with RMMV, getting used to it all, and hopefully write some scripts for it.