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Welcome to the RPG Maker Times blogsite (officially renamed). Version 5 has been moved to Dreamhost. Enter ANNUAL50RPGMT for $50 off your first year’s subscription!

From February 13, 2014, the original Blogger RPG Maker Times blog and this one have merged.

This will now be the official blog for RPG Maker Times and will no longer be a "companion" site. The original RPG Maker Times blog at Blogger will remain, but it will be used mostly for any updates that appear here.

Extra Stats v4.0 Release Date

The Extra Stats version 4.0 is scheduled for release this weekend (if all goes well). It’s going through its final testing stages.

More stats will be added to it as time goes by, depending on a few things, including inspiration from other games and any comments.

Extra Stats v4.0 (RMVX) – In Development

Extra Stats v4 RMVX

The Extra Stats script is being updated to version 4.0 and is nearing completion.

Version 4 will eventually supersede version 3, but the older version will still be available for download for those who prefer it. Several new features have been added, notably that each stat section now has its own display. Each section can include a filler picture as well.

Some of the main features in Version 4 are:

  • Separate Sections – The stat sections are displayed separately instead of in a single window. This makes it easier to view instead of being clumped together, thereby improving aesthetics.
  • Add Pictures – Each section can have their own filler pictures. At the moment, pictures are preset, but a function to add your own pictures will be implemented later.
  • Additional Stats – A few additional stats have been added to the various sections. I’m also working on implementing more in-game stats, such as the number of potions used.
I have no predetermined release date in mind yet, but it’ll be soon.

How to Get RPG Maker 2000 on Android

For those who don’t know, it’s possible to play some – not all – RPG Maker 2000 games on Android devices.

This seems to work quite well, although I’ve not tested it with a lot of games. I tried Ib, as shown in the video, and it does work. (Ib is a very good game, by the way!)

Since RM2K wasn’t designed for devices other than a Windows PC, not all games will work, so it’ll be a case of downloading them and trying them out. If you create an RM2K game yourself, then technically you should be able to share them with your friends (observing all copyright and EULA conditions, of course).

Is It Legal To Change The Game.exe Icon?

I came across a question a few weeks ago about the legality of using such software as Resource Hacker to change the Game.exe icon, so I thought I’d answer it.

First of all, according to the EULA:

Licensee shall not reverse engineer, de-compile, or disassemble the Software.

which means, in short, that technically it IS illegal, since you’re modifying something that is part of the "Software", i.e. RPG Maker.

With that said, however, you’re not actually directly modifying the software itself, only the game’s icon for creating shortcuts. And, since there isn’t an apparent option for the INI to use an icon, for some developers having a game-exclusive icon is a preference they don’t want to be without.

According to Archeia on Steam:

Technically it isn’t [legal] and Enterbrain is aware of it. But they’re loose about the rule.

In other words, Enterbrain doesn’t condone using software to hack Game.exe to change its icon (which is what Resource Hacker does), since that would be a violation of the EULA, but they are tolerant of it provided you’re ONLY using it to change the icon – and nothing else – and do NOT directly modify the software itself. This includes anything that comes bundled with the RPG Maker itself, the RTP software, Game.exe, and any accompanying DLLs.

If you’re in doubt, don’t do it!

Instead, you might be interested in the How to Change the Game.exe Icon Tutorial for alternative methods that don’t directly modify or hack Game.exe.

RPG Maker MV – New RPG Maker Announced

RPG Maker MV

RPG Maker MV

RPG Maker MV, the newest in the series, has been announced!

It’s kind of hard to believe that RMVXA is already four years old! With the advancements of technology and the demands of developers, it was only a matter of time before it evolved.

So, what does RMMV have to offer?

The key features (according to RPG Maker Web) are:

  • Inclusion of RTP – The RTP is integrated into the RMMV engine, along with some character generator parts. It has over 100 sample maps as well.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility – The demand for cross-platform development has been extremely high for a while now. RMMV allows creation of games for the following platforms: Windows, MacOSX, Android, iOS and HTML 5. This will prove to be a very useful feature! It also supports both Windows and Mac.
  • JavaScript – Because it uses JavaScript, more complex routines can be written to control all parts of the game. It appears that this step away from Ruby, used by the 3 next-gen RPG Makers (XP, VX and VXA), is what will make it cross-compatible via HTML5 and JavaScript, making it much more flexible when porting to other platforms. (Time to relearn JS!)
  • Mouse/Touch Input Support – Support for finger-touching and mouse are embedded into the engine, removing the need for separate mouse scripts.
  • Battle System Mode – Some people prefer side-view and other prefer front-view battles. Being able to toggle between them will satisfy both.
  • Larger Database – The number of items (including things like skills, items, weapons, armor, enemy characters, and enemy groups) has been greatly increased from the previous 999 to a nice 2,000!
  • Automatic Three-Layered Maps – In previous RPG Makers transparent sections of tiles stacked on top of one another. RMMV will switch between upper and lower tiles, making map development much easier and more dynamic.
  • Increased Screen Resolution – The screen resolution has increased to 816×624. Resources have also increased by 1.5 times; that means that characters, for example, are now 48×48 (as opposed to 32×32 default).
  • Plugin Manager – A very useful feature, JS files go into the project’s plugin folder. These can be accessed and toggled on or off. This will be a very good addition for debugging instead of relying on interlinked or embedded scripting.

Here’s the video release from Japan showcasing some of the things RMMV will have to offer.

The release date is scheduled for Winter 2015, so there’s really not much longer to wait for it. On the one hand, I’m looking forward to buying this because I’ve been trying to jump onto the "portable" bandwagon and RMMV will allow just this, while keeping the basic RPG Maker tenets we’ve grown to love. On the other hand, it means I now have to learn – more specifically, relearn JavaScript – to be able to produce games with it, so the learning curve may be much greater than Ruby.

In any event, I am looking forward to this one.

RPG Maker Times Retroactive Refit

Since the migration to Dreamhost, and since I have 15 days off, RPG Maker Times has been left half-done. So I decided to go through the entire blogsite – with a fine-toothed comb – and retroactively fix anything I find amiss.

Things like duplicate pages or posts, missing images, layout issues and other miscellaneous anomalies are all being fixed.

The main menu is being restructured with a better, easier-to-navigate, customized menu so pages and other sections will be easier to locate.

Some of the main graphics or featured images are also being overhauled. This is to try and bring it up-to-date and improve the blogsite’s overall aesthetics.

I’ve separated the Scripts and Scriptlets sections, making it easier again to find what you’re looking for and to maintain. And I’ll do the same for the rest of the menu parts too.

During the migration, many of the downloads went "missing", so I’ll re-upload them last. This may take some time, but I’ve been thinking of re-hosting them elsewhere instead of on the blogsite itself.

Blog Migration Complete

The blog migration to Dreamhost is now complete.

I’ve temporarily disabled the menu because it’s in the process of being revamped (along with a few linked pages).

All of the downloads no longer work. This is temporary and will be completely restored within the next few weeks. Downloads are undergoing something of a revamp as well; I’m considering hosting the files elsewhere, but am looking into that.

I’m keen to restore the Projects subdomains, especially for Otherworld, so further work on the blog will also be halted temporarily until everything else is up and running.

Blog Migration – Domain Disruption

From the 12 June, 2015, RPG Maker Times will officially be moving to a new webhost with better VPN options.

With the consistent problems with RPG Maker Times, namely downtime because of the "503 – Resource Limit Reached", it’s time to finally bite the bullet and migrate to a more dedicated webhost, more tailored to meet the increasing demands. This isn’t the fault of the current webhost; RPG Maker Times is on a shared server so resource overloads are almost certainly inevitable, especially given the frequent traffic spikes.

The entire RPG Maker Times domain (including all subdomains) will be migrated across to the new webhost. Hopefully, disruptions shouldn’t be too long, probably no more than a week if all goes smoothly.

Running RPG Maker on Steam

This is in response to a recent comment I received, although it didn’t show up because it was through Disqus. Google has since changed its API integration and so the two can no longer handshake because (presumably) Disqus hasn’t updated it their end.

The comment was regarding being able to use RPG Maker (specifically RM2K3) on multiple machines.

Yes, it IS possible to install Steam and any of the RPG Makers on multiple machines. However, you can only log into Steam on one computer. I have Steam and all the RPG Makers still installed on my old computer and now my new one as well. They’re hooked up on a network, so when I open Steam on my new computer, it’ll simply log off that connected computer and you’ll have to re-enter your password again.

The “Complete Chests Tutorial” Is Being Updated

The Complete Chests Tutorial

The Complete Chests Tutorial is finally being given a long overdue update!

Since my recent purchase of the officially translated version of RM2K3 from Steam, I decided to finally bring this tutorial up-to-date. I’m basically rewriting them but using the tutorials as templates and adding some additional features as well.

Included will be some new chapters, which again were planned but never fully implemented. A downloadable demo will be available for each RPG Maker. Maps will be unique to each but the basic principles will be the same throughout. The demos will be more puzzle-orientated as well.

Once complete, the Complete Chests Tutorial will also be uber-updated.